Rise of the Salad Queen

My passion and vigour for health, food and nutrition began about 7 years ago. While learning and researching I’ve “guinea-pigged” myself through many restrictions, diets, meal plans, eating styles and also mega-dosing on herbs, fungi and super foods. I would never do anything unsafe but I have definitely gotten a bit extreme (how can I recommend something I haven’t personally tried it???).

One of my own first food sensitivities that I noticed when I started paying attention, was to gluten or ‘new-world’ wheat (since healing and eating clean I no longer have this sensitivity but that’s for another post). I stopped eating gluten for about two years and that’s when I discovered salads and Buddha bowls (a large whole-food bowl with lots of veggies and cooked or warm ingredients). They were an easy way to eat gluten-free without any complicated substitutions, conversions or major omissions and I still felt really satisfied. And the more vegetables I ate, the more vegetables I craved.

Then I began my formal studies in holistic nutrition and realized that salads and whole-food bowls were also one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get in the recommended  7 – 10 servings of veggies each day (because let’s be real – that is NOT EASY!). One of my basic Buddha bowls has about 6 or 7 servings of vegetables!

Since then I’ve continued to learn so much, made many salads and bowls and have recently been called the “Queen of Salads” and “The Salad Master”. It’s now generally expected that I’ll bring a salad to potlucks and BBQs. Salads and Buddha bowls have definitely become my ‘thing’ and  I’m totally honoured by these new titles 🙂

There are basically two things I insist with my salad and BB recipes:

  1. They are delicious.
  2. They are pretty

It might seem silly but my food looking nice makes a big difference to me. I attribute it to my design background and obsession with colour combined with my total admiration and respect for food and plants.


Like, how do you not want to eat this? Even if you’re not really a “salad person” this looks freaking good, right?

I challenge you to give it a try! It’s creative and nutritious and you have to eat anyways so why not? For a bit of inspiration be sure to follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on this blog for salad & Buddha bowl recipes.

OR if you live in Calgary Canada, are interested in learning how to create your own salads & Buddha bowls and would like to attend an in-person class with yours truly make sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram and check out my “Upcoming Events” for classes and educational talks starting back up this fall 🙂


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